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What Makes Us Different?

What makes American Velvet different?

  • Never Freeze Dried
  • Never Pasteurized
  • Only the tops are processed for our capsules (the most nutrient-rich part of the velvet antler)
  • North American Elk
  • Uniquely dried and processed in the Ancient Eastern Medicine practice
  • Absorption rate of 85-95% (competitors test at a 10-30% absorption, both capsules and tonics)
  • Highest efficacy level available
  • Made and processed entirely in the USA

We pick the tops (the most nutrient-rich part of the velvet antler) of the highest grade North American Elk antler available and sell the rest of the antler to contract manufacturers across the country (where most our competitors get their velvet capsules and sprays).

Most reports coming out about velvet antler claiming that the product and benefits described and expected are fabricated and exaggerated. The reason for this is that the quality being tested and reported upon is so poor we are surprised people continue to take their velvet supplement. 

This is because the majority of the velvet antler offered to the American market is coming out of New Zealand, Russia, and Argentina where it is freeze dried, pasteurized and then shipped over to be processed further by contract manufacturers, the quality the American market is receiving is shocking. In many cases the velvet encapsulated or pressed to be turned into a spray comes from the bottoms of the antler which have very low to almost no nutritional value.