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American Elk Velvet Vs. Other Manufacturers

There have been a lot of commercial antler velvet brands emerging, ever since the health benefits of elk antler velvet have been verified by scientific studies and research. It might get overwhelming and confusing choosing which brand to go with and trust, so we are giving you facts about our product and company.

The Han Institute, which is ran by Dr. Angelica Kokkalis, has deep respect for the animals and their contribution towards Traditional Chinese Medicine. We wanted to bring the quality of what we care for, elk antler velvet, to all of our patients and directly to you.

The North American Elk, considered to be the most robust and healthiest members of the elk species. We always test our animals for any wasting disease or inferiorities to ensure we only harvest from those that are in the best of shape to deliver the best quality of elk antler velvet. Most commercial brands import their velvet source from inferior quality deer in other countries so they can keep lowered production overhead costs. This has resulted in their refusal to buy from Midwest ranchers even though they know that our homeland has the best quality of velvet antler available.

Our harvesting process is compassionate and done under the strictest quality control measures, coordinating with local veterinarians and The Fish and Wildlife Association during velveting. The preparation of the elk antler velvet is done by our in-house, Chinese doctor. We follow the preparations done by traditional Chinese medicine since two thousand years ago. This ensures that what we deliver has the most effective absorption and locked in nutrients needed for elk antler velvet to deliver.

We are driven to provide elk velvet to people who need its health benefits, providing for ranchers in the Midwest and providing quality care to the North American elk we raise, making sure they are able to live their lives without any danger or harm. You can read our goals for American Velvet here.