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The American Elk Velvet Production Process

We harvest elk antler velvet every spring, just before their antlers calcify. We adhere to the strictest quality control measures to ensure our Northern American elk, the healthiest and strongest in the elk species, aren’t harmed and that our velvet antler retains its superior high quality during processing.

For one thing, we harvest antler velvet but only use the most nutrient-rich part, the topmost part of the antler, for our capsules. We sell the rest to our contractors. This alone would bring us a step above the rest. Our farm and factory – all manufacturing from caring for elk to harvesting and processing products – are all in our homeland America.

Once we harvest elk antler velvet with no harm coming to the animals, the velvet is dried and de-haired, then chopped in a special blender to make into a fine powder that is placed in capsules that we sell to our consumers. Our process is based on the Ancient Eastern medicine practice of velveting, having a Chinese doctor on staff to oversee and handle production procedures.

Our elk velvet antler is never freeze-dried nor pasteurized because we routinely check our elk against any wasting diseases or inferiorities. We ensure to only harvest the best antler velvet from the fittest elk we have on the ranch. This is important because the step that we don’t take (not freeze-drying nor pasteurizing) gives our products an 85-95% absorption rate, it’s the highest efficacy level available compared to 10-30% absorption rates of other brands or manufacturers).