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How to Take Elk Antler Velvet

Elk antler velvet supplements are available in several forms - pills, powder, slices, and sprays. The velvet antler is frozen and disinfected before going through the manufacturing process.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Elk velvet antler is usually derived from several species of deer, but consists mainly of the young pilose (or hairy) antlers of two major deer species, Cervus nippon, the Japanese or Asian deer (known as hua-lu-rong), and Cervus elaphus, the European red deer (ma-lu-rong). Their antlers are dried and sold as slices and these slices are boiled together with other herbs and ingredients (depending on the illness) and ingested as tea.

It is advised that elk velvet antler be taken before and during the winter months to strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to stress and illness because of its warming properties. (source)

Modern Medicine

Most of the world's supply of velvet antler comes from red deer and elk or wapiti, including a large deer farming industry in New Zealand. New Zealand is the world’s largest producer of deer velvet antler, making 450 tons of deer velvet antler per year. China produces 400 tons annually. Russia produces 80 tons annually. United States and Canada each produce 20 tons annually.

Dosage Recommendations

Since elk antler velvet is a natural supplement, over dosage is rare. However, there are still recommended doses depending on a person’s health, age and conditional requirement or need. Studies have shown that using deer antler velvet supplements at the recommended doses has no adverse effects or reactions and is nontoxic. Some people have reported to have allergies to elk antler velvet.

The recommended dosage for elk antler velvet is:

  • 1000 mg (2 caps daily) for maintaining general health
  • 2000 mg (4 caps daily) for therapeutic effects
  • 3000 mg (6 caps daily) for athletic performance

The recommended dosage for deer antler velvet extract is:

  • 2 ml (2 droppers daily) for competitive performance

These doses are supported by research in New Zealand and experience with regular users of elk antler velvet.