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How Velvet Antler and ViagraTM Can Work Together

Velvet antler is the cartilage tissue that is harvested from deer, elk or moose before their antler calcifies or turns into bone. It has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of illnesses. These days, commercial forms of velvet antler come in pills or nasal or throat sprays and are used as daily supplements for benefits related to joint care, improving strength, or boosting energy. 

But what is most interesting for many is its ability to increase their libido. What’s better, the increased libido occurs naturally and both men and women can use it.  Others have touted it as a natural alternative to ViagraTM!

Before we can explain how velvet antler and ViagraTM work together, we need to understand how each of them works separately on the body.

How ViagraTM Works

You can read about a simple explanation on how Viagra works on giving man an erection on this article. When it works as intended, Viagra causes a man who is sexually stimulated to get an erection. Take note that it works WHEN a man is sexually stimulated (aroused).  Sexual libido naturally decreases with age due to loss of testosterone in men and estrogen in women. This depletion can be stabilized and even reversed safely and naturally through the compounds contained in velvet antler.

How Velvet Antler Works on Bring Sexual Libido Back

As noted in the popular book, Velvet Antler: A Gift from Nature, "velvet antler has gonadotrophic functions, which means it enhances the hormone that causes the testes and ovaries to do their work. Anecdotal evidence from Asia says that velvet antler was used to treat impotence in men, infertility in women, and to prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy. Numerous research studies in North America demonstrate that velvet antler increases testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women. It should be clarified that these studies are not saying that velvet antler contains testosterone or estrogen, but that velvet antler contains nutrients that are necessary in the production, utilization, and absorption of testosterone and estrogen in the body."

Take note though that consistent consumption of elk antler velvet will increase one’s libido over time and just give a spike after when using a drug like ViagraTM.

How Velvet Antler and ViagraTM Can Work Together

When there is normal functioning hormones in the body the sexual organs work like planned and the magic can happen. 

That sounds simple enough, but in many cases, it doesn't happen as it should, making having intercourse impossible. Although the man is stimulated, the penis doesn't become erect. 

This is how velvet antler and ViagraTM can work together. Velvet antler increases libido. But understand that sometimes even if a man is aroused, his penis has a hard time becoming erect. That is how ViagraTM can help.

With a plethora of sexual enhancers on the market today, many of which carry a long list of side effects, why not first try nature’s solution to sexual dysfunction? There’s a reason why elk antler velvet is highly regarded for treating hormonal and sexual problems and has been used to for over 2,000 years -- that’s because it works.