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Natural Alternative to Steroids

Professional athletes in various sports industries are always under a watchful eye for the usage of banned substances like anabolic steroids. These are viewed as performance altering and enhancement drugs and are deemed as illegal. 

With athletes prone to stress and muscle injuries, recovery and repair are important, especially since they rely primarily on their physical skills to be able to do their jobs well. Players will always search for a fast cure or something that can help them have a better edge over others.

American Velvet, whether in spray or pill form, is technically categorized as a natural supplement. Holistic medicine involves using nature’s substances to promote healing and recovery. It promotes the use of natural resources to help repair, rebuild and strengthen many areas of the body. 

American Velvet has IGF-1, a natural occurring substance in the body that promotes growth. It has great anabolic and growth stimulating properties as well as anti-inflammatory substances and energy enhancers.

Athletes benefit from improved energy, quicker recovery, less post workout soreness, less aches in joints and muscles, improved strength, and feeling fresh even after tough physical exertion. It can also increase energy.

American Velvet is an all-natural whole food, not a chemically altered supplement. It is not an IGF-1 extract product and does not alter hormone levels such as testosterone, IGF-1, or cortisol.

It can definitely give the benefits of steroids without the harmful side effects.